Australian Marine Parks

Ensuring people understand the zones and rules in marine parks is an important part of helping them comply.

This program communicates the zones and rules in marine parks and is investigating the use of technologies to help park users know when they are entering different zones in marine parks. It also detects people operating illegally in our parks and pursues appropriate enforcement action.

You can report suspicious or illegal activity in one of two ways:

  1. call our reporting hotline 1800 852 975 where you can talk to one of our Marine Park Officers, or
  2. email us at

Quarterly reports

Reports are prepared each quarter documenting incidence of non-compliance observed across our Australian Marine Parks network, together with any enforcement actions.





What is the program seeking to achieve?

This program seeks to support appropriate and high level of compliance by marine park users with the rules set out in the management plans.

What actions will be undertaken nationally?

Actions under this program at the national level include:

  • applying a risk-based approach to compliance planning, targeted enforcement and compliance auditing
  • collaborating with Australian, state and territory government agencies by sharing assets and information
  • investigating the use of new technologies and warning systems to assist in the detection of potential illegal activities
  • working with marine park users to promote understanding of the rules for activities and how to comply.

What actions will be undertaken regionally?

Actions under this program at the regional level include:

  • working with other Commonwealth and state government agencies, particularly where marine parks adjoin state marine parks, in compliance planning, including implementing actions to deter illegal activities and encouraging voluntary compliance
  • collaborating with Commonwealth, territory and state government agencies, regional councils and boards in surveillance, including water and aerial patrols.

How will the program be implemented?

Parks Australia is managing the program across Australian Marine Parks to ensure we achieve outcomes and benefits for marine parks users and Australians.

In each network and the Coral Sea, the advisory committee or forum is providing advice to Parks Australia on which actions are most important, how they should be implemented, and where they should be undertaken.