Australian Marine Parks

The Temperate East Marine Parks Advisory Committee promotes the involvement, engagement and collaboration of marine park users, stakeholders and the community in the management of the eight marine parks in the region.

The Committee brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a range of topics relevant to marine park management, including tourism, fishing, sea country, marine transport, science, conservation, governance, communications and engagement.

Committee members will work with Parks Australia staff to shape the management of Australian Marine Parks, providing advice on marine issues at a regional level and strengthening our understanding of park user interests and issues.

This collaborative approach to management is critical to achieving our vision of healthy, resilient and well-managed marine parks that deliver benefits for all Australians.

There will be a minimum of two meetings per year. The next meeting is scheduled for May 2021.


Committee Members are appointed for a two year term. The current members are:

Russell Gueho

Russell Gueho (Chair)

Russell is the Director of East Marine Parks section in the Marine and Island Parks Branch of Parks Australia. He oversees management of the Coral Sea Marine Park, The Temperate East and the South-east Networks.

Russell has an extensive background in marine and terrestrial wildlife management (natural resource management) and has held the role of Park Manager for Kakadu National Park and Director Authorisations and Compliance with the DNP. Russell brings extensive experience in authorisation and stakeholder engagement. He has many years in management and field roles in both strategic and operational settings.

Russell was a Fisheries and Wildlife Officer in WA for more than 16 years; has operated his own nature-based tourism business in the Kimberley and has extensive experience in tertiary education through roles including lecturing and managing diverse delivery teams in the TAFE system in WA, Victoria, and NSW.

He has authored several papers on impacts from invasive species, has a species of carnivorous plant (Byblis) named, and successfully published two natural history books on the Kimberley region of Western Australia. He has interest in climate change adaptation and management and is keen to support research and monitoring that informs best practice management of Australian Marine Parks.

Tricia Beatty

Tricia Beatty

Tricia is actively involved in the commercial fishing industry in New South Wales and has a strong understanding of the Temperate East Marine Region.

She currently holds a number of senior positions including CEO of the New South Wales Professional Fishermen’s Association, Vice Chair of the NSW Seafood Council and Director of the Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries.

Tricia has over 20 years’ experience working in fisheries related positions across NSW, QLD and the Northern Territory. Through these roles, she has developed extensive stakeholder networks and a strong understanding of commercial fishing issues, both on and off the water.

Tricia is a skilled marine resource management practitioner and will bring extensive government and private sector experience to the advisory committee.

Rosemary Black

Rosemary Black

Rosemary is a leading researcher in sustainable tourism, interpretation and tour-guiding. An Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University, Rosemary undertakes applied research with industry partners including protected area management and tourism agencies, local councils and community-based organisations.

She is a board member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and also sits on range of other State and local boards and advisory committees.

As a resident of the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Rosemary will bring extensive regional knowledge to the advisory committee.

John Burgess

John Burgess

John has been a recreational fisher for most of his life and is passionate about sport, game and spearfishing. John is a life member, Director and the Executive Officer of the Australian National Sportfishing Association.

He works tirelessly to facilitate stakeholder engagement on recreational fishing issues, currently serving as a director of the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, Recfish Australia, the not-for-profit Ozfish Unlimited and the NSW Fish Habitat Partnership.

In 2017, John was presented with the Mal Ramsay Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to recreational fishing.

Brian Busteed

Brian Busteed

Brian currently chairs the Lord Howe Island Marine Park Advisory Committee and has been a member since its inception in 1999. He has a history of involvement in the development, zoning and management of marine parks and he understands the complexities involved in managing multiple use marine protected areas.

Previously, Brian lived on Norfolk Island and now lives on Lord Howe Island where he owns and operates a scuba diving business.

He has an extensive knowledge of the Temperate East Marine Region, including its marine resources, local businesses, tourism industry and stakeholders.

Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane

Peter has an extensive knowledge of marine park design, management and stakeholder engagement.

He has been closely involved with the development and management of marine parks in Commonwealth waters, initially during his time as Director of National Parks and then as co-chair of the Bioregional Assessment Panel for the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review.

Focused on ensuring there is a strong evidence base to support marine park design and management, he also chairs the National Environment Science Program’s Marine Biodiversity Hub Steering Committee and is a member of the National Benefit Assessment Panel for the National Marine Facility.

Peter is also a director of Ecotourism Australia and Tangaroa Blue Foundation, and a Councillor of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and their Global Oceans Focal Person.

Bob Creese

Bob Creese

Bob is a marine scientist who has worked in both research and government roles on a range of issues including the structure and function of marine ecosystems, fisheries management and marine protected area development, management and monitoring.

Having worked on the coastal waters off New South Wales for almost 20 years, he brings considerable knowledge on regional issues and stakeholders.

Bob is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at Macquarie University and an Adjunct Professor at Southern Cross University. He also chairs the Research Scientist Classification Committee in New South Wales.

Previously, Bob worked with the New South Wales government as Director of Fisheries Science.

Joe McNulty

Joe McNulty

Joe has a deep familiarity with the Temperate East Marine Region and marine users, developed over the 25 years he has spent in maritime policing.

Joe has received a number of accolades for his long and continued service and successes in preventing major maritime crimes.

Joe is responsible for building collaborations with external agencies, delivering maritime law enforcement models and providing advice to fisheries working groups.

Joe brings a wealth of technical, policy, and operational experience to the advisory committee and extensive stakeholder networks throughout the region.

Rick Stuart-Smith

Rick Stuart-Smith

Rick is co-founder and manager of Reef Life Survey, a not-for-profit citizen science program that trains volunteers to survey rocky and coral reefs around the world.

Rick is a frequent visitor to many of Australia’s reefs, including those in the Australian Marine Parks at Cod Grounds, the Solitary Islands and Lord Howe Island.

Rick has received multiple awards for his work, including the Eureka Award for Environmental Science, the Tasmanian Tall Poppy Young Scientist of the Year and a prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

Rick is a passionate environmental advocate and has been recognised for his outstanding community engagement. Rick’s research expertise, his wide ranging understanding of reef ecosystems and extensive stakeholder networks will offer invaluable insights to the advisory committee.

Adrian Wayne

Adrian Wayne

Adrian is a passionate spear fisher with over 50 years’ experience diving in the waters off New South Wales.

He currently chairs an Australian Underwater Federation Commission and represents spearfishing interests in this forum and the New South Wales Recreational Saltwater Trust Advisory Council. Adrian is also the National Spearfishing representative to ARFF and the Federal Government’s National Recreational Fishing Council.

Adrian brings a strong understanding of the Australian Marine Parks in the Temperate East Marine Region, having been involved in both their development and the design of the management plan.

He will bring a strong understanding of recreational fishing needs and regional marine park management issues to the advisory committee.

Steve Whalan

Steve Whalan

Steve is a marine scientist with two decades of experience across industry, government and academia, both in Australia and overseas.

His expertise aligns to the population ecology of benthic marine communities, with a motivation to translate this information to diverse stakeholders involved with the conservation and management of marine ecosystems. He has published extensively on a broad range of marine-related topics.

Steve is also an advocate of community engagement programs, with experience leading citizen scientist groups to assess marine ecosystem health.


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