Australian Marine Parks

When making decisions about what can occur in marine parks and what action we will take to protect marine parks, we take values into account.

Natural values 

For example:

  • habitats
  • species and communities within marine parks
  • ecological  processes.

Cultural values

For example:

  • living and cultural heritage
  • Indigenous beliefs
  • practices and obligations for country
  • places of cultural significance
  • cultural heritage sites.

Heritage values

For example, non-Indigenous heritage that has significance, such as:

  • aesthetic
  • historic
  • scientific
  • social significance.

Socio-economic values

For example, the benefit of marine parks for:

  • people
  • businesses
  • the economy.

Discover more about the values of each marine park:

Other sources of information on marine park values can be found on the Department’s website, in particular:

As our understanding of marine park values improves over the life of this plan, we will make new information about values available on this site.