Australian Marine Parks

Management of Australian Marine Parks requires a balance between protecting our marine environment and providing opportunities for sustainable use and enjoyment of these special places.

Parks Australia is part of the federal environment portfolio. We support the Director of National Parks who has responsibility under federal environment law for six Commonwealth national parks, the Australian National Botanic Gardens and 60 Australian Marine Parks.


Healthy and resilient marine parks that protect nature and Culture and are valued and enjoyed by the community now and into the future.

This means ensuring that:

  • the natural, cultural, socio-economic and heritage values of marine parks are understood, appreciated and conserved
  • marine parks support jobs and businesses, providing multiple benefits to regional communities and the economy
  • people have opportunities to enjoy marine parks
  • visitors and tourists can enjoy world-class nature-based experiences in marine parks
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and marine park users are partners in managing marine parks.

Ways of working

In managing Australian Marine Parks, we seek to be:

  • respectful
  • collaborative
  • balanced
  • outcomes based
  • adaptive
  • evidence and risk based
  • proactive
  • efficient
  • effective.

Further information