Australian Marine Parks

We are committed to providing efficient, effective, transparent and accountable assessment, authorisation and monitoring processes to enable sustainable use and protection of marine park values.

What is the program seeking to achieve?

The program aims to ensure ongoing protection of marine park values through the management of activities in marine parks.

What actions will be undertaken nationally?

Actions under this program at the national level include:

  • developing and applying best-practice approaches to regulation and decision-making in the authorisation of activities within marine parks. This includes developing policy to ensure assessment and authorisation requirements are clearly articulated and that decision making is:
    • robust
    • consistently applied
    • transparent to all marine park users
  • collaborating with industry to investigate innovative technologies and systems (including vessel monitoring systems) that can assist businesses and individuals to comply with regulatory requirements
  • developing an effective and efficient process to assess new technologies and gear types to allow for the use of new equipment
  • developing a guarantee of service for the regulated community that includes a commitment to working with key marine park users and interest groups whose interests are likely to be affected by regulatory decisions
  • implementing a customer focused online authorisation system for marine park users that includes publishing authorisations issued by Parks Australia on its website.

What actions will be undertaken regionally?

Actions under this program at the regional level include:

  • issuing authorisations for activities in marine parks assessed as acceptable either by the Director or another government or industry policy, plan or program accepted by the Director. Authorisations include:
    • a permit
    • a class approval
    • an activity licence
    • a lease
  • working with other Commonwealth, territory and state government agencies and regional councils and boards, to improve experiences and consistency of approaches for people seeking authorisations.

How will the program be implemented?

Parks Australia is managing the program across Australian Marine Parks to ensure we achieve outcomes and benefits for marine parks users and Australians.

In each network and the Coral Sea, the advisory committee or forum is providing advice to Parks Australia on which actions are most important, how they should be implemented, and where they should be undertaken.