Australian Marine Parks

Gascoyne Marine Park connects ocean habitats across hundreds of kilometres and includes some of the most diverse continental slope marine life in Australia.

Canyons link Gascoyne Marine Park, cutting into the continental shelf from the deep ocean and funnelling nutrients towards Ningaloo Reef.

The marine park includes Exmouth Plateau, a nationally unique deep-sea plateau in tropical waters.

The Gnulli people have responsibilities for sea country in the marine park.

The marine park is about 20 kilometres off the coast and adjacent to Ningaloo Marine Park. It covers 81,766 square kilometres, with depths from 15 metres to 6000 metres.

It has National Park, Habitat Protection and Multiple Use zones.


For amazing wildlife experiences, explore the adjacent Ningaloo Marine Park and the Western Australian Ningaloo Marine Park.

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Park area

81,766 km²

Depth range

15 to 6,000 m

Average depth

3,327 m