Australian Marine Parks

Roebuck Marine Park, at the gateway to Roebuck Bay, is active with dugongs, three species of turtle (green, loggerhead and flatback turtles), and migrating humpback whales.

Recreational fishers head out from Broome to try their luck in the marine park’s shallow shelf waters, with barramundi and threadfin salmon on the wish list.

Commercial pearling, fishing and shipping activities also take place here.

The marine park is adjacent to the Roebuck Bay Ramsar site, one of the most important areas for migratory shorebirds in Australia.

Roebuck Bay continues to be culturally significant for the Yawuru people, who maintain traditional cultural practices in sea country here.

The marine park begins 12 kilometres offshore from Broome, adjacent to the Western Australian Yawuru Nagulagun / Roebuck Bay Marine Park. It covers 304 square kilometres, with depths from less than 15 metres to 70 metres.

It is a Multiple Use Zone.


Explore the bay and beyond on a fishing charter or nature-watching tour from Broome.

For information on migratory shorebirds in the region, visit the Broome Bird Observatory website.

You can find out more about the adjacent Western Australian Yawuru Nagulagun / Roebuck Bay Marine Park through the Parks WA website.


Yawuru people recognise the waters of Roebuck Bay as nagula (Yawuru sea country) and have customary responsibilities to look after this sea country.

The Yawuru people have a deep spiritual connection to offshore landscapes from Bugarrigarra (creator beings). They believe that snake-like metaphysical beings inhabit the sea, and have cultural sites in sea country that are a source of law.

The Yawuru people harvest marine resources according to the six Yawuru seasons. They have harvested pearl shell for food and cultural purposes.

Fish are a staple food source for the Yawuru, and fishing is a form of cultural expression, connecting people to their country, modelled on tradition and based in traditional law.

Access to sea country by families is important to cultural traditions, livelihoods and future socio-economic development opportunities.

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Park area

304 km²

Depth range

15 to 70 m