Australian Marine Parks

Freycinet Marine Park is home to an abundance of butterfly perch, newly discovered black corals, diverse colourful sponge gardens and foraging seabirds. Southern right whales rest in the marine park while migrating.

The park reaches from the continental shelf far out into the deep ocean, protecting:

  • seamounts
  • deep sea (abyssal) plains
  • canyons
  • deep granite reefs
  • all the marine life that lives in these places.

Scientists and citizen scientists are making exciting new discoveries about marine life in this vast marine park, and there’s lots more still to explore.

The marine park begins offshore from Bicheno and Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania. It covers 57,942 km², with depths from 40 metres to over 3000 metres.

It has National Park, Recreational Use and Multiple Use Zones.


The eastern end of Freycinet Marine Park is adjacent to Governor Marine Reserve, a Tasmanian marine park with great opportunities for experienced divers to explore.


Parks Australia supports research to better understand our marine parks. We love sharing the exciting findings.

Deep-diving citizen scientists explored the granite reefs, filming the diverse marine life living in the park, including black corals.

Discover more about the black corals found here.

Researchers aboard RV Investigator sampled, filmed and mapped marine life and seafloor features in the marine park during their voyage to the abyss.

Click on the map below to see what you can do in the Freycinet Marine Park.

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Park area

57,942 km²

Depth range

40 to 3,000 m