Australian Marine Parks

Deep below the surface in the South Tasman Rise Marine Park lies a rugged seafloor with an epic history.

This seafloor was deformed by massive rifting (tearing apart) as the Australian continental block moved northwards about 100 million years ago.

It includes part of a submerged rock plateau that is a remnant of the last link between Australia and Antarctica.

There are seamounts here with flat tops, evidence they were once above the ocean’s surface where they were shaped by wind and wave erosion.

This deep ocean park covers 27,704 square kilometres.

It is designated as a Special Purpose zone.


Science research vessels and fisheries vessels travel in this part of the ocean from time to time, but there are few other opportunities to visit.


South Tasman Rise Marine Park is one of 14 marine parks in the south-east network, the first network of temperate deep sea marine parks in the world.

Six of the south-east parks, including South Tasman Rise, extend to the boundary of Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone, up to 200 nautical miles (about 370 kilometres) from the coast.

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Park area

27,704 km²

Depth range

804 to 5,022 m

Average depth

3,183 m