Australian Marine Parks

Zeehan Marine Park has four undersea canyons cutting into the continental shelf. When the Zeehan Current meets these canyons, waters swirl upwards, taking nutrients towards the surface and boosting marine life.

The Zeehan Current, an extension of the Leeuwin Current from Western Australia, runs along the west coast of Tasmania. It is a place of criss-crossing currents, canyons and continental slope.

The current is strongest in winter, sometimes reaching the southern tip of Tasmania and heading part way up the east coast.

Zeehan Marine Park is a nursery ground for blue warehou and ocean perch. Concentrations of larval fish of these species are found in the marine park.

Tasmanian giant crabs (another commercial species) are found here, making their home in rocky limestone continental shelf habitats.

The marine park is south-west of King Island. It covers 19,897 square kilometres with depths from about 50 metres to over 3000 metres.

It has Special Purpose and Multiple Use zones.

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Park area

19,897 km²

Depth range

50 to 3,000 m