Australian Marine Parks

With bountiful food supplies, marine predators are able to feast in Southern Kangaroo Island Marine Park. The park is an important foraging habitat for Australian sea-lions, white sharks, and 11 seabird species, including fairy terns and black-faced cormorants.

Southern Kangaroo Marine Park features seasonal upwellings. These are places where cold, nutrient-rich waters from the bottom rise to meet warmer, light-filled surface waters, fuelling the growth of marine life.

The park is 140 kilometres south-west of Adelaide and adjacent to the South Australian Southern Kangaroo Marine Park.

It covers 630 square kilometres, with depths from 15 metres to 100 metres.

The park is a Special Purpose (Mining Exclusion) zone.


Meet Australian sea-lions on a guided or self-guided tour at nearby Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island.

This park is several kilometers offshore, but experienced and well-equipped boaters and fishers can explore here when conditions are suitable.

The park complements the South Australian Southern Kangaroo Island Marine Park.

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Park area

630 km²

Depth range

15 to 100 m

Average depth

53 m