Australian Marine Parks

Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park includes an escarpment at depths of 90–120 m. The escarpment is part of an ancient coastline from when sea levels were lower than today.

This seafloor in the park is rich with species, some found nowhere else in the world.

Upwellings in the park lift nutrient-rich waters from near the seafloor to the surface, helping marine life to flourish.

The park is an important feeding ground for seabirds, including:

  • Caspian terns
  • Pacific gulls
  • black-faced cormorants.

Other animals that take advantage of the bounty include:

  • Australian sea-lions
  • white sharks
  • pygmy blue whales
  • sperm whales
  • southern right whales.

The park is one of two Australian Marine Parks offshore from Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park is 230 kilometres south-west of Adelaide. It covers 2335 square kilometres, with depths from 15 metres to 165 metres.

It has National Park, Special Purpose and Special Purpose (Mining Exclusion) zones.


Experienced and well-equipped boaters and fishers can explore the marine park when conditions are suitable.

Check zoning to see where fishing is allowed.

Find out about the adjacent South Australian Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park.

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Park area

2,335 km²

Depth range

15 to 165 m

Average depth

110 m