Australian Marine Parks

These projects aim to improve the long-term sustainability of fishing in ways that support the objectives of Australian Marine Parks.

The first round of the Our Marine Park Grants Program commenced in 2018, providing $5 million to eight organisations to undertake 12 projects, supporting the fishing sector to plan for, and continue to deliver, sustainable fishing and conservation outcomes in the context of Australian Marine Parks.

Key project activities included:

  • trialling new fishing gear and technology to reduce bycatch impacts on threatened species and improve the sustainability of fishing practices
  • evaluation of sustainability in key NSW fisheries, and
  • facilitation of sustainability certification for Australian caught tuna.

Grant details

ProponentProject TitleAmount ($)
Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation Limited Supporting environmental stewardship in recreational fishers $665,345
Great Australian Bight Fishing Industry Association Inc. Boosting sustainability and fishing business viability in the Great Australian Bight $282,418
NPF Industry Pty Ltd Reducing ecosystem impacts in the Northern Territory Prawn Fishery $112,221
Northern Territory Seafood Council Inc Strengthening sustainability in the Northern Territory seafood industry $423,705
Professional Fishermen’s Association Inc Fostering industry-led innovation to reduce humpback whale interactions $250,000
Professional Fishermen’s Association Inc Demonstrating fisheries sustainability in New South Wales $626,000
Seafood Industry Australia Ltd Understanding the Australian Seafood Industry $313,800
Tuna Australia Ltd Minimising the impacts of Drift and Distance on high protection zones $446,745
Tuna Australia Ltd Sustainability certification for Australian caught tuna $506,465
Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) Supporting industry transition in West Australia’s temperate shark fisheries $423,300
Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) Increasing the value of current commercial catches $50,000
Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) Reducing fishing gear impacts in West Australia’s temperate shark fisheries $900,000