Australian Marine Parks

Commonwealth of Australia, 2003.


About the user’s guide

This guide, developed with input from stakeholders and scientific advice, aims to assist stakeholders to contribute information to the identification and selection of options for a representative system of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Australia’s South-east Marine Region.

This guide is in two parts:

  • Part A includes an introduction and background on general considerations for designing the regional system of MPAs as a whole. Part A outlines the context and the evolution of the process to date and will be essential reading for people less familiar with the process or who have not been directly involved.

  • Part B includes guidance to stakeholders in the form of specifications, a checklist and a hypothetical example to help identify options for a representative system of MPAs using 11 Broad Areas of Interest.

Stakeholders who are familiar with the MPA process in Australia’s South-east Marine Region, and who have been involved in the evolution of the process over the last few years, may wish to go directly to Part B of this guide and begin to consider their options for a system of MPAs in the region.


Commonwealth of Australia 2003

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This paper was prepared by to assist with the process of identifying marine areas for inclusion within a representative system of marine protected areas as part of the South-east Regional Marine Plan.

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