Australian Marine Parks

A Report to the National Oceans Office on the Development of a National Benthic Marine Bioregionalisation in support of Regional Marine Planning, Andrew D. Heap, Peter T. Harris, Alan Hinde, & Murray Woods, Geoscience Australia, 2005. ISBN 1 877043 60 5.


About the report

The benthic (sea floor) component of the National Marine Bioregionalisation covers the 80 per cent of Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone that lies beyond the continental shelf break.

It provides a description of patterns of biological distributions and physical habitats on the seafloor.

The Benthic Bioregionalisation Report is a technical document describing how the benthic bioregions were created.

It includes descriptions of all the datasets used, details of each bioregion, and examples of how the physical data may be used to sub-divide the marine bioregions for management.

An evaluation of the benthic bioregionalisation including strengths, weaknesses and future work is also contained in the report.