Australian Marine Parks

Peter Rothlisberg, Scott Condie, Donna Hayes, Brian Griffiths, Steve Edgar, Jeff Dunn Department of the Environment and Heritage and CSIRO, 2005.


About the report

This project aims to collate and analyse relevant oceanographic datasets as specified by the National Oceans Office to provide information on pelagic oceanographic characteristics in Australia’s marine jurisdiction, and to provide expert advice on the use of this information in defining and describing bioregions in the development of the National Marine Bioregionalisation.

The oceanographic information will contribute to the definition and description of marine bioregions at two scales – a broad national scale and a more detailed scale in the northern region.

This supplementary report aims to describe specific oceanographic information relevant to defining finer-scale bioregions for the NLMD.

These outputs are similar to the national outputs (Hayes et al. 2005), but include finer scale detail and some additional datasets not available at the national scale.