Australian Marine Parks

Anthony Moore, Rupert Summerson, Phil Sahlqvist, Shannon Kellet, Alex McNee, Cecily Maller, Simaon Viera, Patrick Stakelum, James Larcombe, James Woodhams and Julia Pickworth. Report produced by the Bureau of Rural Sciences for the Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007.


About the report

This report provides a high level socio-economic overview of the role and value of commercial, recreational and charter fishing in the East Marine Region (EMR).

This analysis includes the activities associated with both State and Commonwealth fisheries that operate within the Region.

Four key indicators were used to provide a profile of fishing activities in the Region:

  • key landing and/or home ports
  • fishing Sector Employment - direct and indirect
  • regional dependence on fishing
  • an overview of recent changes affecting fisheries in the EMR

The report estimated that the commercial fishing industry in the Region is worth more than $320 Million a year and employs 3,600 people (0.2 per cent of the Region’s total employment).

The two states adjacent to the Region, New South Wales and Queensland, have been shown to have the highest rates of participation in recreational fishing with approximately 1.7 million people participating in the activity annually.

In addition to an executive summary, the report includes an individual profile for each commercial fishery operating in the Region, broken down by Commonwealth, New South Wales and Queensland fisheries.

A separate section of the report provides information and a socio-economic analysis of the recreational and charter fishing industries in New South Wales and Queensland.

Disclaimer: This report was prepared for the Department of the Environment and Water Resources to assist in the development of the Regional Profile for the East Marine Region. The views expressed in this report are not necessarily those of the Australian Government. The Australian Government does not accept responsibility for the contents of this report.