Australian Marine Parks

Vicky Tzioumis and Stephen Keable (eds). Report produced by the Australian Museum for the Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007.


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About the report

This report provides a description of the key marine species groups in the East Marine Region (EMR) – including their status, habitat and distribution, regional significance, threats and information gaps.

The report, a collaborative effort between a number of universities, museums and government departments, provides a profile of key species groups across an area covering more than 2.4 millions square kilometres of ocean, from the northern reaches of the Coral Sea, south into the Tasman Sea.

The report paints a comprehensive picture of ecologically, commercially and culturally important species groups, documenting current threats and potential risks.

The report notes that key species in the EMR may well be under greater threat than those in other regions, in part due to the proximity of the region to the most heavily populated parts of Australia.

A further challenge is that the region also includes some remote areas for which little baseline data exists, and an enormous diversity of geographic, climatic, and biological conditions that need to be considered.

This report consists of 14 separately produced ‘species chapters’, each written by researchers with expert knowledge of each species group.

The information in each chapter is designed to be a stand-alone report for those who wish just to access information on a single species group.

This has meant some necessary duplication in places but this has been minimised where possible without compromising the stand-alone nature of the chapters.

The chapters are also structured around a template so that consistent information is provided for each species group throughout the report.

An Introduction and two summary chapters support these ‘species chapters’, in combining information on threats/impacts on species groups across the EMR, and summarising the key information gaps across the species groups.

Disclaimer: This report was prepared for the Department of the Environment and Water Resources to assist in the development of the Regional Profile for the East Marine Region. The views expressed in this report are not necessarily those of the Australian Government. The Australian Government does not accept responsibility for the contents of this report.