Australian Marine Parks

Report to Parks Australia Division, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Chapman F., Brushe J. and McDougall A. (Editors)


Executive summary

An Island Health assessment was undertaken by Parks Australia Division and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service in July 2021 on 25 islets and cays in the Diamond Islets and Lihou Reef in the Coral Sea Marine Park (CSMP): West Diamond Islet, Central Diamond Islet, East Diamond Islet and South Diamond Islet (all in the Tregrosse Reefs), and South West (Nellie) Cay, Georgina Cay, Edna Cay, Helen Cay, Fanny Cay, Dianna Cay, Carol Cay, Phoenix Cay, Hermit Crab Islet, Betty Cay, Frankie Cay, Observatory Cay, Middle Cay, Turtle Islet, Margaret Cay, Little Margaret Cay, Lorna Cay, Kathy Cay, Juliette Cay and two small unnamed cays.