Australian Marine Parks

I. Kiessling, Charles Darwin University National Oceans Office, 2003. ISBN 1 8770 4330 3.


Marine debris report cover

About the report

This report was prepared by the Key Centre for Tropical Wildlife Management at Northern Territory University, for the National Oceans Office (NOO) and Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH), with input from Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation (Dhimurru) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

It is intended to provide a basis for planning for the prevention and management of marine debris in the northern Australian marine environment - Arafura Sea and Gulf of Carpentaria (see Annex I).

This report is broadly aimed at policy makers, researchers, natural resource managers, industry, environment and Indigenous groups within Australia who have concerns about marine debris.

It should also provide a foundation for future negotiations with neighbouring states in the management of the international dimension of the issue.

This report incorporates a comprehensive summary of existing knowledge on the sources, magnitude and impacts of marine debris.

It details existing activities and identifies information gaps, and it provides a set of options for developing a strategic approach amongst key stakeholders towards the prevention and management of marine debris in the northern Australian marine environment.

It builds upon the findings and recommendations of the Australian Marine Debris Status Review (ANZECC 1995, 1996a), and has been prepared principally through desktop research and consultation with key stakeholders and interests within Australia.

Analysis and interpretation of existing (unpublished) data is also incorporated.

The project has not involved any new primary research, or analysis of arrangements beyond Australian waters.