Australian Marine Parks

A Butler, P Harris, V Lyne, A Heap, V Passlow, R Porter-Smith, CSIRO Marine Research and Geoscience Australia, 2001.


About the report

Ecosystem-based management via regional marine planning is a central policy principle of Australia’s Oceans Policy, and the National Oceans Office is charged with putting regional marine planning into effect.

The Biological and Physical Assessment currently being carried out by the National Oceans Office is intended to contribute to the implementation of ecosystem-based management in the South-east Marine Region by developing a shared understanding of the ecosystem.

The assessment has two streams, ecosystem structure and ecosystem function.

This project is part of the ecosystem structure stream, which is focussed on the spatial distribution of the physical and biological components of the Region.

The focus of ecosystem function stream is the key processes that link the biological and physical components and how they drive the dynamics of the ecosystem.