Australian Marine Parks

Non-Fisheries Uses in Australia’s Marine Jurisdiction: National Oceans Office, 2004. ISBN 1 877043 34 6.


About the atlas

Australia has the largest area of ocean jurisdiction of any country on earth.

This vast marine territory offers great opportunities as well as important responsibilities.

If we are to manage our rich resources effectively and sustainably into the future, we need an understanding of how we use them today.

The National Marine Atlas is a step forward in this understanding. It brings together for the first time information from a wide range of sources about the use of our ocean territory.

The Atlas contains a series of maps depicting the non-fisheries uses of Australia’s marine jurisdiction and aims to demonstrate where these activities occur and interact.

Containing information as diverse as shipping routes, offshore petroleum and gas leases and platforms, shipwrecks and bioprospecting sites, this publication has been compiled for a wide readership.

The datasets drawn on to produce this Atlas have been sourced from a large number of organisations, including State and Australian Government agencies, private organisations and scientific research agencies.

Due to the size of the Atlas, it has been broken into sections to allow easier downloading.