Australian Marine Parks

LeProvost Dames & Moore, 2000. Report for Environment Australia.


About the review

The Ningaloo Marine Park is located on the continental shelf and slope to the west of the Cape Range peninsula, Western Australia, and includes portions under Commonwealth and State control.

As part of the process of reviewing the Plan of Management for the Ningaloo Marine Park (Commonwealth Waters), the Marine Group, Environment Australia has commissioned LeProvost Dames & Moore (LDM) to undertake a review of literature relevant to the Ningaloo Marine Park and those adjacent areas which might potentially impact on the Marine Park.

Accordingly, the area covered by the review has been extended some distance beyond the boundaries of the Marine Park (Commonwealth Waters) to include the Ningaloo Marine Park (State Waters), Cape Range, the northern part of Exmouth Gulf, and the deeper waters of the outer continental shelf and continental slope to the west of the Park.

This report presents a summary of the known marine resources of the Ningaloo Marine Park and their sensitivity to existing and potential impacts based on published information and the experience of the authors.