Australian Marine Parks

University of Western Australia, 2007. Julian Clifton, Maria Olejnik, Bryan Boruff and Matthew Tonts, Institute for Regional Development, Prepared for the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.


About the report

This Report has been produced to identify the extent of current and future human impacts on the coastal environment adjacent to and within the South-west Marine Region, which encompasses Commonwealth waters from Kangaroo Island in South Australia to Shark Bay in Western Australia.

It is intended that this process will assist in identifying current and future trends in key socio-economic sectors relating to coastal activity.

Although this report is primarily focussed on current and future trends in the Commonwealth waters of the South-west Marine Region, consideration of trends in adjacent coastal regions and State waters is included.

As coastal, near shore and deep ocean environments are inextricably linked it is important to consider pressures, trends and changes in adjacent regions as they will invariably affect adjoining areas.