Australian Marine Parks

Prepared by DCafe for the National Oceans Office, 2001.


About the publication

Uses made of the South-east Marine Region (SEMR) apply pressures on the environment services from within the Region.

These pressures occur as a result of human behaviour, which is driven by demographic change, economic forces and lifestyle decisions.

While the impact of these uses are modified by dynamic events such as weather and other environmental feedback mechanisms, they are also altered by legislative behaviour rules and conventions applied at local, state, national and international levels.

This chapter presents a broad review of the environmental pressures within the SEMR according to each major use category (eg: fishing, shipping, conservation/heritage…).

This review is provided according to the factors driving the uses and according to the behaviour modifying rules and conventions.

In providing this review, a limited, but by no means representative, number of examples from the SEMR are used to help explain the nature of the pressures reviewed.