Australian Marine Parks

The South-east Regional Marine Plan. National Oceans office, 2002.


About the report

The Uses Assessment Report provides information on the current and possible future uses of the South-east Marine Region.

For the purpose of this report, uses are defined as ‘human activity that has a physical or legal presence within the Region’.

This Report is part of a package of assessment products designed to support a wider understanding of the uses of the Region.

Within this process the National Oceans Office and the Bureau of Rural Sciences have explored the nature and location of the uses in the Region and the socio-economic links of uses with coastal communities.

As well, two consultancies have investigated two other areas of importance to regional marine planning: non-market economic values and pressures on uses in the Region.

Of the uses within the South-east Marine Region, the most important in terms of their financial and employment contributions are the petroleum, tourism, shipping, ports and fisheries industries.

However, there are many other uses which may be either developing in importance or are of specific importance to local communities or to Australia’s cultural identity.