Australian Marine Parks

The South-east Regional Marine Plan, National Oceans Office, 2002. ISBN 1 8770 4308 7.


About the report

This summary of Sea Country: an Indigenous perspective, outlines major issues and findings in two reports commissioned by the National Oceans Office to assist in developing the South-east Regional Marine Plan:

  1. Indigenous Uses and Values in the South-east Marine Region – Consultation Report, prepared by Resource Policy and Management (RPM)
  2. Indigenous Uses and Values in the South-east Marine Region – Desktop Report, prepared by Smyth and Bahrdt Consultants.

The consultation report summarises Indigenous uses, values, concerns and aspirations for the South-east Marine Region, based on consultations with coastal Aboriginal people and organisations throughout the Region.

The desktop report supports the findings of the consultation report through a review of published and unpublished material from Indigenous, academic and government sources.

It also includes assessments of the current recognition of Indigenous people’s rights and interests in Commonwealth and State legislation relating to the South-east Marine Region.

It includes a summary of Commonwealth policy initiatives relevant to Indigenous people’s marine interests in the Region, and a comparative review of relevant legal and policy developments in New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Both projects were guided and assisted by an Indigenous Working Group, representing Indigenous interests throughout the Region and chaired by Commissioner Rodney Dillon, ATSIC Tasmania Zone Commissioner and National Sea Rights Portfolio Commissioner.