Australian Marine Parks

Jock Keene, Christina Baker, Maggie Tran and Anna Potter. Geoscience Australia, 2008.


Sedimentology and geomorphology of the East Region cover

About the report

This report contains a review of literature and the results of a study of the sedimentology and geomorphology of the East Marine Region (EMR).

Data generated by this study expands the national fundamental marine samples dataset for Australia’s marine jurisdiction, with analyses completed on samples from the EMR consistent to those completed on samples from other regions.

The principal aim of this study is to provide a regional assessment of the sedimentology and geomorphology of the EMR.

Results of the analyses are presented as a regional synthesis, within the framework of the Integrated Marine and Coastal Regionalisation of Australia (IMCRA) and National Bioregionalisation of Australia 2005.

A principal application of the study is to support research into the associations between physical seabed properties such as sediment texture and composition and the distribution of benthic marine habitats and biota.