Australian Marine Parks

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007.


Ecosystems and key species group cover

About the report

The purpose of this report was to undertake a comprehensive review of the current knowledge of the key ecological characteristics of the South-west Marine Region (the Region).

This region covers Australian waters from the eastern-most tip of Kangaroo Island (South Australia) to the outer coast of Shark Bay (Western Australia).

The focus of this report is waters beyond three nautical miles from the coastal baseline; information on inshore waters is included only where there are important processes that influence processes on the shelf and slope.

The objective is to produce an integrated report on the ecosystem of the Region, which is aimed at scientists who are not necessarily specialists in the area.

The information embodied in the report will provide background to inform policy decisions where there is a need for scientific information about the region; information that was previously widely scattered and less accessible.