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L. Smith, M. Rees, A. Heyward and J. Colquhoun, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Environment Australia, 2002.


Cartier stocks cover

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Cartier Reef is a small emergent reef system, approximately 12 km2 in area, on the edge of the continental shelf off the northwest Kimberley coastline of Western Australia.

Cartier Reef forms part of Australia’s Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands and is managed by Australia under the terms of an agreement between the Australian and Indonesian Governments.

The reef was proclaimed a reserve in June 2001.

Currently, traditional Indonesian fishing for trochus and bche-de-mer is allowed on Cartier Reef, but is likely to be prohibited when the management plan for Ashmore and Cartier Reserves comes into effect (expected to be mid-2002).

In November 2001, ecologists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science surveyed Cartier Reef.

The objectives of this survey were:

  • to determine the distribution and abundance of the trochus (Trochus niloticus) and bche-de-mer (Holothuria spp.)
  • to design and obtain the first data for a long-term monitoring program of these stocks
  • to recommend future management strategies.

The work was undertaken using the ACV Arnhem Bay.