Australian Marine Parks

The South-east Regional Marine Plan. National Oceans Office, 2002.


About the report

This paper introduces and summarises some of the key findings of the seven South-east Regional Marine Plan assessment reports:

  • Ecosystems – nature’s diversity
  • Communities – connecting with the ocean
  • Sea Country – an Indigenous perspective
  • Resources – using the ocean
  • Resources – Macquarie Island’s picture
  • Impacts – identifying disturbances
  • Ocean management – the legal framework

The assessment reports and this paper aim to provide communities, industries and governments with a common understanding of the Region.

From this common understanding you are invited to help us identify the key issues and planning concerns for the Region – for more information on how to be involved see the Discussion Paper.

Australia’s Oceans Policy provides a framework for the people of Australia to explore, use, protect and enjoy our extensive marine resources.

The Policy recognises the need to protect the biological diversity of the marine environment while at the same time promoting and encouraging sustainable, secure marine industries.

Regional marine planning is a way of achieving the Oceans Policy vision of Healthy oceans: cared for, understood and used wisely for the benefit of all, now and in the future.

It uses large marine domains as one of the starting points for the planning process by creating regional boundaries that are based on ecosystem characteristics – a major step towards ecosystem-based management.