Australian Marine Parks

Volume 2: Habitat Mapping and Coral Dieback T.D. Skewes, S.R. Gordon, I.R. McLeod, T.J. Taranto, D.M. Dennis, D.R. Jacobs, C.R. Pitcher, M. Haywood, G.P. Smith, I.R. Poiner, D. Milton, D. Griffin and C. Hunter. CSIRO Marine Research Report for Environment Australia, 1999.


About the report

This report is part of a series produced by the CSIRO Division of Marine Research from a survey of the shallow reef and shoal fishery resources and habitat mapping of the MOU74 Box off northwestern Australia.

The analysis contained in the reports is based on information collected in the MOU74 Box in September and October 1998.

The study was funded by the FRRF and Environment Australia.