Australian Marine Parks

Report by CSIRO, 2002.


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About the report

As part of the South East Marine Regional Planning, and, more specifically, of the Biological and Physical Assessment, the National Oceans Office (NOO) is in the process of consolidating scientific and technical information on various aspects of ecosystems within the South East Marine Region (SEMR).

The main purpose of this assessment phase of the planning process is to provide the development and evaluation of management options necessary for preparation of the regional marine plan.

The objective of this review has been to consolidate the broad body of literature that has arisen from fisheries research on the biological and ecological characteristics of key exploited fish populations in the region and the effects of fishing on them.

This review is restricted to specific fisheries and key species within those fisheries as defined by the requirements of the National Oceans Office contract (Tables 1 and 2).

It is in ‘dotpoint’ format and by necessity (both due to this format and the time frame for completion) is a first step in this process of drawing together the wealth of information available in the SEMR.

Information is confined to that available for the nominated species in Australian waters.

In several cases, biological, ecological and or fisheries information is available for these or related taxa in other areas of the world (e.g. for co-occurring species in New Zealand).

However, reviewing this much broader, literature set was outside the scope and time frame of this review.

Some existing work has compared biological parameters of SEMR species to that for similar taxa from other areas and readers are directed to publications such as that by Koopman et al. (2000) for such information.