Australian Marine Parks

Joy Brushe, Vegetation Assessment and Mapping of South Islet (Willis Islets), Coral Sea Marine Park, January 2021 prepared for Parks Australia, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.



Parks Australia (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment) engaged botanists to assess the health of habitats, vegetation and invasive species on South Islet (Willis Islets), Coral Sea Marine Park. An assessment was done in October, 2020, and included the establishment of permanent monitoring and biocondition reference sites. The work included the production of a vegetation map, species list, weed list, and identification of disturbance/threats to native cay vegetation.

A total of 16 plant species was recorded consisting of eight naturally occurring species native to Coral Sea cays, six naturalised exotic species not naturally occurring in Australia, one planted native species and one species considered to be exotic on the mainland but naturally occurring on the cays.