Australian Marine Parks

Wednesday 12 May 2021

The Australian Government has announced plans to establish Australian Marine Parks in the Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs), around Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. 

The establishment of these parks will be a collaborative effort involving extensive engagement with local communities and other stakeholders. 

Establishing IOT marine parks will help to keep these waters healthy and pristine into the future, while supporting and promoting eco-tourism, attracting increased research and maximising benefits for local fishers and businesses. 

To help promote and manage these parks following their establishment, $5.4 million has been allocated over the next four years. These funds will enable local grants for marine park projects, ranger positions, community engagement and research projects. 

Australian Marine Parks in the IOTs could potentially span up to 740,000 square kilometres of our waters, increasing Australia’s marine park coverage from 37 to up to 45 per cent of our oceans and reaffirming Australia’s global leadership in ocean protection.

Parks Australia will continue to lead consultations with local communities and other stakeholders to help design and establish our next Australian Marine Parks. Your input is essential as we work to establish new parks that support a healthy marine environment and a vibrant local economy. We will keep you up to date about opportunities to have your say over the next few months.