Australian Marine Parks

Friday 8 June 2018

Parks Australia managers and James Cook University researchers recently returned from a voyage to the Coral Sea Marine Park to gain a better understanding of the coral reef ecosystems.

During this three-year research program, researchers will spend 100 days at sea monitoring the health of 20 large coral reef ecosystems. They will travel to some of Australia’s most remote, pristine and unique reefs, including the world-renowned Osprey Reef and the rarely visited Mellish Reef. 

On this first voyage, scientists surveyed coral cover and health as well as the size and abundance of fish. On future voyages, they will re-survey the coral colonies, providing unprecedented information on the growth and health of these corals. 

This work will continue to build our understanding of the Coral Sea Marine Park, improving Parks Australia’s ability to effectively manage the marine park.

This short video includes spectacular footage under the Coral Sea and interviews with some of the scientists.

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For more information visit the Coral Sea Marine Park.