Australian Marine Parks

Friday 14 December 2018

With five new management plans, covering 44 Australian Marine Parks, coming into effect an additional 2.3 million square kilometres of Australian waters are now actively managed for the first time.

The Australian Marine Park management arrangements strike the right balance between ensuring outstanding conservation outcomes and securing the future of Australia’s sustainable fishing and tourism industries.

The Package includes:

  • direct assistance to affected commercial fishers with a recent history of fishing in Australian Marine Parks as they transition their businesses to the new operating environment
  • grants to help marine users and industries engage in marine park management
  • support to encourage uptake of vessel monitoring systems.

In August 2018, the Director of National Parks released a Position Paper to commercial fishing industry representatives. As a result of this consultation, the Director has amended the fishing business assistance program to ensure it more effectively meets industry needs. These changes, and responses to issues raised by industry, are set out in the final Fishing Business Assistance Grants – Consultation Report.

The Director intends to commence the delivery of fishing business assistance in February 2019.

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