Australian Marine Parks

Monday 20 December 2021

A new $15 million program launched by the Australian Government will drive partnerships in conservation, research and restoration in Australian Marine Parks. 

The 4-year Ocean Discovery and Restoration program invites partners such as businesses, philanthropists and research organisations to work with Parks Australia on high-priority discovery and restoration projects in Australian Marine Parks. 

Partners can either contribute to one of our pre-scoped projects in our portfolio or identify and propose their own priority projects for funding. 

Australia’s marine parks are globally significant and are home to a spectacular range of species. But there is still much to discover about these special places. 

Parks Australia is uniquely placed to enable access to some of our country’s most remote and wild island and ocean places. We know that other groups – philanthropists, businesses, non-government and research organisations – share our interest in understanding and protecting our unique marine environment. 

Partnerships are important to unlocking the potential for ground-breaking conservation efforts and the program will also encourage scientific research proposals on areas of interest for Parks Australia - such as increasing coral reef resilience and the use of new environmental DNA technology in marine studies. 

In addition to financial contributions, partner investments could include the use of marine vessels, the provision of scientific expertise or the delivery of project activities.  

Ongoing investment in marine science and research will continue to inform our management activities and help us better understand and protect Australian Marine Parks.   

Australia has one of the largest representative networks of marine parks anywhere in the world. There are 60 Australian Marine Parks in Commonwealth waters that cover 3.3 million sq km. 

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