Australian Marine Parks

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Suspicious or illegal activity in Australian Marine Parks can now be reported through a new hotline number – 1800 852 975.

Illegal activity in marine parks can damage the marine environment and prevent parks from providing economic and recreational benefits for fishers and other users who do the right thing.

Balancing different uses in Australian Marine Parks is achieved through zoning and rules. Helping marine park users understand and comply with the rules is a key role of our Compliance and Communications programs.

We can all help to protect Australian Marine Parks from the impacts of unlawful fishing and other activities by sticking to the rules and reporting those who don’t.

If you witness, or know about any illegal activity within an Australian Marine Park, we urge you to report this activity.

All reports are completely voluntary and anonymous, however, if you chose to include your personal details, you may be contacted to provide more/greater details about your report.

It is important to provide as much detail as you can, including:

  • where the offence took place (give as much detail as you can)
  • time and date
  • type of illegal activity (for example fishing in a green zone)
  • description of the suspected offenders, including the clothing they were wearing
  • names of the suspected offenders and any distinguishing features
  • type of boat and registration details
  • registration numbers of vehicles, vessels or trailers
  • other information you feel may be useful or any other suspicious activity that might be associated with the offence
  • photographs.

You can report in one of two ways, via our reporting hotline 1800 852 975 where you can talk to one of our Marine Park Officers, or you can contact us via email.

Thank you for your continued support in helping to protect our marine parks.