Australian Marine Parks

To prevent anchor damage to the coral reefs, seven moorings are available in the West Island lagoon at Ashmore Reef Marine Park (Recreational Use Zone).

The moorings are available on a first come first served basis.

If there are no moorings available, anchoring should be confined to sandy areas of West Island lagoon, or outside the marine park to prevent damage to the reef.

The mooring locations are shown in the maps on this page.

Map 1: Ashmore Lagoon

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Ashmore lagoon Ashmore lagoon showing open and closed areas.

Map 2: Ashmore Reef moorings

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Ashmore Reef moorings Ashmore Reef moorings.

Table 1: Ashmore moorings classes

An image of a table showing various mooring options. Various class mooring options.

For further information, please contact Australian Marine Parks.