Australian Marine Parks

Carnarvon Canyon is the centrepiece of the marine park, linking its shallowest and deepest waters.

Although not yet studied extensively, the soft sediment habitat at the base of the canyon is likely to be home to a diversity of:

  • deep-sea bristle worms
  • sea cucumbers
  • sea-pens.

Tropical and temperate species meet in the Marine Park, carried by currents travelling north and south along the Western Australian coast.

There’s still much to discover about marine life in this Marine Park.

The Marine Park is approximately 300 kilometres north-west of Carnarvon, Western Australia. It covers 6177 square kilometres, with depths from 1500 metres to 6000 metres.

It is a Habitat Protection zone. While some types of commercial fishing are allowed in the Habitat Protection Zone, others are restricted in order to protect important habitats.

Click on the map below to see what you can do in the Carnarvon Canyon Marine Park.

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Park area

6,177 km²

Depth range

1,500 to 6,000 m

Average depth

4,071 m