Australian Marine Parks

Above and below, Boags Marine Park is teeming with life.

The shallow waters of central Bass Strait are home to rich arrays of animals that live on the seafloor and in the sediment, including:

  • crustaceans
  • molluscs
  • bristle worms.

Overhead, seabirds from colonies on nearby islands scan for food before dropping to the surface or plunging into the water to catch their prey.

The marine park is north of Three Hummock Island off Tasmania’s north-west coast. It covers 537 square kilometres, with depths mostly between 40 metres and 80 metres.

The marine park is a Multiple Use Zone.


Bass Strait waters are for experienced, well equipped mariners. Conditions in the strait can change quickly.

For a land-based option, you can explore nearby Three Hummock Island, enjoying a stay at the ecotourism homestead.


The Hunter Island Group Important Bird Area includes several islands near the marine park. These islands provide breeding habitats for seabirds, including:

  • shy albatrosses
  • fairy prions
  • black-faced cormorants
  • common diving petrels
  • little penguins
  • Cape Barren geese.

Many of these birds forage in the marine park.

The marine park is also on the migration route for critically endangered orange-bellied parrots as they fly across Bass Strait each spring and autumn.

Click on the map below to see what you can do in the Boags Marine Park.

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Park area

537 km²

Depth range

40 to 80 m

Average depth

52 m