Australian Marine Parks

Murray Marine Park includes the Murray Canyon, an undersea canyon so enormous that America’s Grand Canyon would fit inside it.

The marine park connects the Murray River, running from New South Wales through Victoria and South Australia, to the deep ocean.

The Murray River carries sediments rich with nutrients. These sediments eventually get deposited on the seafloor. With seasonal changes in water currents, the nutrients are brought to the surface, boosting marine life.

Seabirds and whales take advantage of the resulting rich food supplies.

The people of the Ngarrindjeri Nation, working with the Australian Government marine team, produced one of the first management plans for sea country. This is the Ngarrindjeri Nation Yarluwar-ruwe Plan, Caring for Ngarrindjeri Sea Country and Culture, and includes areas in and around Murray Marine Park.

The marine park lies south and east of Kangaroo Island.

It covers 25,803 square kilometres, with depths from shallow continental shelf waters down to 4600 metres.

The marine park has National Park, Special Purpose and Multiple Use zones.


Murray Marine Park is adjacent to South Australia’s Encounter Marine Park, where there are great opportunities to explore marine and coastal environments.

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Park area

25,803 km²

Depth range

24 to 4,600 m

Average depth

3,888 m