Australian Marine Parks

The huge South-west Corner Marine Park protects diverse undersea features and the marine life found there, from shallow near-coastal waters to the deep ocean.

The park’s features include:

  • the Diamantina Fracture Zone
  • Naturaliste Plateau
  • Donnelly Banks
  • reefs and canyons.

Localised upwellings of nutrient-rich waters boost marine life, making the park important for:

  • western rock lobsters
  • seabirds
  • white sharks
  • Australian sea-lions
  • five whale species:
    • Antarctic blue
    • pygmy blue
    • humpback
    • sperm
    • southern right.

The Nyungar/Noongar people have responsibilities for sea country in the park.

South-west Corner Marine Park is the largest marine park in the South-West Network. The enormous park wraps around the south-west corner of Western Australia, enclosing Bremer Marine Park. It covers 271,833 square kilometres, with depths from less than 15 metres to 6400 metres.

It has National Park, Habitat Protection, Multiple Use, Special Purpose (Mining Exclusion) and Special Purpose zones.


The park is adjacent to the Western Australian Ngari Capes Marine Park.

It has plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkelling, nature-watching and fishing.

Information about the Ngari Capes Marine Park is available on the Western Australia Parks site.

Click on the map below to see what you can do in the South-west Corner Marine Park.

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Park area

271,833 km²

Depth range

15 to 6,400 m

Average depth

4,427 m