Australian Marine Parks

Two Rocks Marine Park has much more to offer than just two rocks. The park protects unique west-coast inshore lagoons; shallow waters teeming with colourful sponges, molluscs, crustaceans and fishes.

The lagoons provide habitat for young western rock lobsters, a crucial part of the marine food web and an important species for recreational and commercial fishers.

The diving in the park is astonishing.

The Swan River Traditional Owners have responsibilities for sea country in the park.

The park is 25 kilometres north-west of Perth and just north-west of the Western Australian Marmion Marine Park. It covers 882 square kilometres, with water depths from 15 metres to 120 metres.

The park has National Park and Multiple Use zones.


It’s easy and rewarding to explore the inshore lagoons along this part of the coast.

Dive tours, fishing tours and whale watching tours (in season) run from nearby Mindarie Marina.

Some of these tours visit Two Rocks Marine Park.

You can also explore the nearby Western Australian Marmion Marine Park, a diver’s paradise of lagoons, reefs and caves.


West-coast inshore lagoons are a feature of Two Rocks Marine Park.

These lagoons occur along the Western Australian coast from around Mandurah north to Kalbarri.

They run parallel to the coast, out to about 5 kilometres to 10 kilometres, and are protected on the ocean side by limestone barrier reefs.

The light-filled shallow waters of the lagoons support an abundance of seaweeds, seagrasses and marine animals.

The lagoons are key areas for species valued by recreational and commercial fishers, including:

  • western rock lobsters
  • dhufish
  • pink snapper.

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Park area

882 km²

Depth range

15 to 120 m

Average depth

50 m