Australian Marine Parks

It’s your passion and commitment that will make marine parks work for everyone.

From citizen science, to cleaning up marine debris, to educating the next generation, to helping everyone follow the rules, we need you!

Have your say on draft management plans

On 21 July 2017, Parks Australia released draft management plans for 44 marine parks. These draft plans set out how we will manage marine parks in the North, North-west, South-west, Temperate East and the Coral Sea over the next 10 years.

We’ve worked hard to balance the need to protect the marine environment, while supporting people’s livelihoods and the Australian lifestyle.

Let us know whether you think we’ve got the balance right in these draft management plans.

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Have your say on renaming marine parks

People have told us the name Commonwealth Marine Reserves sounds more like a defence training area than an amazing place to fish, dive and snorkel.

That’s why we want to rename them to Australian Marine Parks. We think this will help build public awareness and reinforce that our marine parks, like other parks, are for people to use and enjoy.

This part of the process is just about changing the names of the parks – not practical issues like location, zoning or management arrangements for the parks.

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Get on board

We’ll be establishing advisory committees with local experts – one way you can be directly involved in marine park management.

Check out the draft management plans to see how we’re proposing to set up these committees.