Australian Marine Parks

Natural value assessments of terrestrial ecosystems and species in the Coral Sea Marine Park were conducted at Cato Reef (Cato Island, West Islet, Hope Cay, Porpoise Cay, Bird Islet); Wreck Reefs (South West, Observatory, and unnamed Cays); Frederick Reefs (Observatory and Lighthouse Cays); Marion Reefs (Brodie, Paget, and Carola Cays); East Diamond Islet; Herald Cays (North East and South West Cays); and Dianne Bank in May/June 2022.

Experts from Parks Australia Division (PAD) and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships (QPWSP) performed the following tasks:

  • map and assess vegetation communities at Cato Island, Porpoise Cay, Bird Islet, Mid Islet and North Cay
  • collect soil and herbaria specimens
  • obtain high resolution drone imagery of islands, islets and cays and their adjoining reefs
  • collect bird breeding effort, population, and diversity data
  • collect pelagic seabird data
  • survey for invasive species
  • assess the integrity and health of each site by completing a standardised ‘Health Check’ and ‘Island Watch’ proforma
  • remove debris
  • install signage.


This report has been published in 3 sections for ease of download.