Australian Marine Parks

Argo-Rowley Terrace Marine Park is the largest park in the north-west.

The undersea canyons in the Marine Park are up to 50 million years old, and link a deep sea plain (Argo Abyssal Plain) to shallower features (Rowley Terrace and Scott Plateau).

Small seasonal upwellings in the canyons boost marine life.

In the south-east corner, the Marine Park surrounds reefs and shoals and is adjacent to Mermaid Reef Marine Park and the Western Australian Rowley Shoals Marine Park.

The Marine Park is approximately 270 kilometres north-west of Broome, Western Australia. It covers 146,003 square kilometres, with depths from 220 metres to 6000 metres.

It has National Park, Multiple Use and Special Purpose (Trawl) zones.


Liveaboard expedition cruises transit this marine park en-route to world class dive and snorkelling locations in the pristine waters of the Mermaid Reef Marine Park and Western Australian Rowley Shoals Marine Park.

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Park area

146,003 km²

Depth range

220 to 6,000 m

Average depth

3,765 m